In June 1940, Minnie Britton Helm sold 1 and ¼ feet of lot 1 and 47 ½ feet of lot 2 to Walter Nohl, at the time employed by Modern Dairy. In 1941, William Berhardt, a local building contract, built a house for Nohl on the property and it became 816 Augusta Avenue.

It appears Nohl worked as a mechanic for the company, and after leaving Modern Dairy he began selling agricultural implements for Barron Brothers. He eventually became a mechanic for the county highway department.  

Nohl lived in the home for the next 17 years, until 1958. Walter sold the home to Violet and Harry Hoerner. Harry was a dentist in Elgin and an active member of state and local Lions Clubs, at one time serving as the president of the Elgin Lions Club. Dr. Hoerner passed away in 1979 and the house was sold.


816 Augusta Avenue is an example of a simple Tudor Revival. Some of the features seen on this home indicative of the style include the steeply pitched roof with a prominent front-gable, an intersecting cross-gable, the massive chimney on one exterior elevation, and the brick wall materials throughout. One of the few decorative elements seen on 816 Augusta is the front entry door which exhibits a pediment and pilasters, giving it a touch of the Colonial Revival style.



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