In 1885, Block 8 of the Lovell Subdivision divided, forming two lots that became 721 Brook. Sarah Kemp, a widower, became the first owner of the home. She passed away in 1903 which released the rights to the home to her children consisting of a long list including: Caroline and Henry Unruh, Charles and Laura Kemp; Orson Beebe, Lydia and William Sherman, and lastly, William and Margaret Kemp. Astonishingly, none of her children ever took residence on the property.

In 1906, Lyman Hall, his wife, Alice and his sister, Emma Hall purchased the property for $1,800. The three lived together until 1921 when the Pierce family moved into 721 Brook. The Pierce family sold the property in 1922 with eight more owners coming through between 1922 and 1974, each residing in the home no more than ten years.  


This house does not have an easily definable style. It carries some elements of the American Foursquare with its full-two story, four-room-over-four-room floor plans, as well as the hipped roof. The windows are comprised of one-over-one rectangular sash windows and a single light wood front door. The plaque application notes that no additions to the original foundation were located under the structure. On the south elevation sits an apparent Italianate styled bay window. While front porches are common on American Foursquares, they usually carry the same hipped roof style, but this porch exhibits a front gabled roof. Additionally, the turned porch columns call to other, more ornamental, stylistic influences.



Sources: 2003 Heritage Plaque Application; Audio: TextAloud