Wilson H. Doe came to Elgin in 1882 and started work as a bookkeeper at the Home National Bank, and married Maude Palmer. Nine years later, the couple purchased property in the Central Park Addition to Elgin. Annual construction reviews for 1891 from the Elgin Daily Courier report that the house at 573 Division was built by Henry Jensen for $2,500. The 1892 Elgin City Directory lists the Does at 433 Pearl Street, but when the City’s address system was realigned in 1894, it became 573 Division.

From 1891 until 1904, the Does remained the owners of 573 Division, when they then sold it to George Richardson. From Richardson, the house became under the possession of Christian Wuestenfeld in 1907 who lived there until selling the home in 1935 to Gottlob Huber.

By 1939, the home had became a 2-unit rental. 573 Division remained in the Huber family until 1964 and continued its life as a rental for more than 25 more years.


573 Division Street is an example of the Free Classic sub-type of the Queen Anne Style. This form, compared to other Queen Anne styles, is not strictly tied to its use of spindle work and turned columns. Indicative of the Free Classic sub-type is the front-facing gable on the façade that projects beyond cutaway bay windows. Ornamental wall cladding including fish scale and banding around the home and and tall narrow windows with decorative surrounds add to the evidence of the Queen Anne style.




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