In January of 1882, Grote and Waldron’s Third Addition is platted and approved by the City of Elgin. By March of the same year, Grote and Waldron deeded five lots to Fred Ettner for recording. Ettner deeded lot 8 in block 6 to John Blank for $225.

A mortgage was also signed in the form of five promissory notes from John Blank and his wife to William Weidenmann, in the amount of $140 per note. The presence of this home in Elgin is significant in that it marked the increase in home ownership for workman, laborers, and watchmakers from the Elgin Watch Factory. This structure was originally built for, and likely by, John Blank.


570 Addison is a one-story, worker’s bungalow that faces south on Addison Street. The home is detailed with four-inch clapboard siding and simple window frames. The simple, modest detailing characterizes the style and increased the affordability of homes to a broader range of Americans.

Modifications include the early 1900s when a kitchen was added in the rear of the home, and more recently, the front porch has been enclosed.



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