370 Congdon Avenue, as well as several neighboring houses, was built by Roy J. Covey, a local building contractor who specialized in well-built, affordable houses. He built homes in the Elgin and Dundee areas for about 45 years. He built this home in 1929, the home next door at 372 Congdon Avenue where Drummond T. Glover lived, and his own home at 368 Congdon Avenue. In all, Roy J. Covey built more than 36 homes in Elgin.

Arthur F. Kimball was the original owner of 370 Congdon Avenue. He was the son of Monte and Irene Kimball. He took over the position of president of the Kimball Furniture Store from his father and served in the US Navy during World War I. His wife, Florence, was the sister of Leta Covey, the wife of Roy J. Covey. 


370 Congdon Avenue is a typical cottage style from the late 1920s. It is a brick veneer building, one and one half stories in height and cost $8,500 when built. It is recognizable as a bungalow from its front facing gable, its wide overhanging eaves and the front door opening directly into the living room. It was built in the North Park addition to Elgin, which was annexed to Elgin in 1887 and surveyed by H.P. Thompson. The area was mostly undeveloped until the early 1910s but when it was developed it was and still is a secluded and exclusive part of the city.



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