33 N. Porter Street was built in 1892 for Frank Cornell for $4,300. Cornell was the manager of the Creamery Package Manufacturing Company. Frank and his brother, Charles, were born in Illinois and immigrated to Elgin with their parents, E.K.W. & Matilda Cornell. Frank was born in 1863 and married his wife, Emma, around 1888. His brother, Charles, lived across the street at 34 N. Porter. Frank passed away in 1922 and the home was then sold to retired pastor, J. H. Crooker.


33 N. Porter Street was designed by W. Wright Abell and built by notable Elgin builder, Henry Jensen. This home is a significant structure in the Elgin Historic District and considered an excellent example of the Shingle Style. This home has large masses such as the turret element that are completely covered in shingle cladding. The porch as four sets of grouped columns that rest on sturdy, shingle clad plinths with some decoration in the roof gable. There are a variety of window shapes and sizes, many of them with decorative extended diamond shaped muntins in the upper sash. This can also be seen in the large tri-partite arched window on the second floor. Small details including the diamond shaped variation in the shingle angles on the front of the house and the subtle push and pull of elements in the large masses makes this a Shingle style house of interest.



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