1024 Bellevue Avenue was built by the Andresen Brothers, Leonard, Alvin, and Robert, for Leonard's own home. The brothers were notable Elgin builders who built many homes throughout this area. The majority of the homes that they built were in the Tudor Revival style, though, they also built bungalows, cape cods and ranch-style homes.

At the time the home was built in 1929, Leonard was 27 years old and married to a Ms. Margaret Helen Henning. Leonard's brothers also resided in the home, though, only for a short time. It is unknown how long the Andresen family owned this home, however, Leonard passed away at 65 years old, with Helen passing the following year.


1024 Bellevue is an excellent example of the Tudor Revival style. While the Tudor Revival style takes some elements from the traditional Tudor style, it has many marked differences and sometimes include stylistic inspirations from contemporaneous styles of the day. Distinguishing features of the Tudor Revival style seen on this home include the steeply pitched roof; the grouped, double-hung windows; the rounded, recessed arched entry way, and the masonry exterior. 

Another unique characteristic found on this home is the skintled brick which is a type of projecting brick construction found throughout the exterior. This construction type gives the home more of a rustic, vernacular look.



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