Psst--wanna hear a secret? Promise you won't tell anyone? Even though this building, built in 1928 in the Gothic Style, is 8 stories tall--NO ONE KNOWS IT'S HERE! People walk by it or drive by it every day, but never see it. The Professional Buildingwas erected by and for business and professional men; today, it is home to artistic professionals. The posh Union League Club occupied the 8th floor where, drinks in hand, the elite settled into squishy Art Deco styled sofas to warm themselves by the massive fireplace or to gaze out of the three walls of windows at the setting sun or to see a shooting star. Today, the Union League Club room is used for theatrical events and the Elgin Art Showcase.

Step through the original revolving door into the intact Gothic style interior and marvel at the dark wood, fascinating light fixtures, and original elevator. Walk up the stairs and around the mezzanine, back to the stairs. 

Tell no one about the secret or Emil Meldau's ghost will haunt you. Meldau was a maintenance man who was found dead in an electrical power room on the 8th floor. It was thought he somehow fell in between the cables for the elevator and was electrocuted.