This magnificent building has seen its share of wedding receptions, public gatherings and civic events but its own history is a bit exciting as well. What you see is actually the second pavilion built here. The first was constructed in 1896 and '97. That structure was destroyed in a spectacular fire just a few months after opening. The pavilion was rebuilt in a similar style and opened again in 1898. Ninety five years later, in 1993, the building was renovated and hopefully will be here for at least another century.

The story of the statue of the boy and girl under the umbrella dates back to 1897 but also has a modern day twist to it. The statue was originally donated by employees of the David C. Cook Publishing Company. After about eighty years of service, the old statue had worn out and was removed. A group of neighbors, the Lords Park Association, raised the funds to have the statue and fountain restored in 1998.