843 Esmeralda Place, built in 1906, is unique for its location as the only house ever built on Esmeralda Place, lot 9 of Cook's Addition. It is supposedly one of four cottages that D.C. Cook built for housing for his workers. In 1914, Edwin E. Stewart acquired the home from David C. Cook for $2,500. Stewart worked at Cook Publishing and quickly rose in the ranks to the position of general manager. He and his wife, Mary Louise, had five children. He was also an active member of the Union League Club, First Methodist Church, a Shriner, an Elk and a Republican, serving as a precinct committeeman. Stewart owned the home until 1919 when he built a large Tudor Revival style home at 380 River Bluff Road. Steward sold the home to Joseph and Melissa Parrish. Joseph was a telegraph operator for the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad. The Parrish family lived in the home until 1941 when it was sold to Clinton Jakes. Clinton owned the home for over 40 years, selling it in 1984. 


843 Esmeralda Place is a one and a half story bungalow with a side gabled roof and  front facing, projecting gable. The gable has return cornices and a set of paired windows. The side gable roof forms a roof over the front porch in one continuous, downward sweep. The home originally had a full width front porch but was enclosed sometime in the early 1950s. 



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