In 1884, Hubbard Burdick sold part of a lot that would become 733 Douglas Avenue to Ernest Bishop. The property changed hands three times by 1889 when it was finally sold to William Hart, who commissioned a home to be built upon the property. William operated a successful drug store on E. Chicago Street.

Hart already lived at 638 Douglas Avenue, but hired Gilbert Turnbull to build the house at 733 a rental property. Completed in 1891 at a cost of $2,500, it was first occupied by Margaret McCredie, of the McCredie and McQueen families, well known in dairy and law circles.

William warranted the home to his newlywed daughter, Louise, for $1.00 in 1918. Louise married John R. DeLancey who was a partner in D. & W. Ice Cream. Louise and her husband, John, did not stay long at 733 as Louise moved to her mother's home, taking care of her until her passing in 1921. Louise closed her home at 733 Douglas for awhile to care for her mother, but it was sold quickly thereafter. 

When William passed away in 1925, Louise inherited 638 Douglas Avenue. She and John lived there until 1964, ending the 78 years of ownership by the Hart family. 


733 Douglas Avenue is considered as a significant and contributing structure to the Spring-Douglas Historic District, a nationally recognized district in which it resides.

It is an irregular shaped, two-story, Queen Anne home with a cross-gabled roof. There is a bay window on the façade, which, along with decorative detailing on the two small porches and decorative bargeboard in the gables are indicative of the ornamentation sought in the Queen Anne style.



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