68 S. Jackson Street was built in 1892 for Elmer and Martha Day. The property was given to Martha by her father, Thomas H. Foster, upon her marriage to Elmer. Thomas was a prominent Elginite who came to Kane County in 1864 to start a milling business in what was known as Clintonville, now known as South Elgin. He moved to Elgin in 1867 and became one of the members of the arbitration committee of the Chicago Board of Trade. Additionally, he served as an Alderman in the City Council. Thomas and his wife, Sarah, lived at 411 South Street, which is to the north and borders 68 Jackson Street.

Elmer was also a city official of some capacity in the years between 1896 through 1898. Martha and Elmer had two children, Walter and Thomas.


68 S. Jackson Street is a Half-Timbered subtype of the Queen Anne style with characteristics including a hipped roof with lower cross gables, half timbering outlining the building, and contrasting details with the narrow first-floor clapboards and the intricate second-floor shingle patterns. The home was covered for some time with aluminum siding, however, was restored in the 1990s. Much of its original features, such as the etched floral details were still intact when the aluminum siding was removed. 


Sources: 1996 Heritage Plaque Application; Audio: TextAloud