In December of 1871 John N. Seaver and Harriet McCord were married.  By 1890, they moved into the home at 678-680 South Street in Elgin. 

The Seaver’s got their plot of land over the course of two separate lien release transactions with William H. Wing, completed in 1895.  In 1889 and 1890, Wing also lent the Seaver family $1,500 and $1,000 respectively.

For those familiar with Elgin, the name Wing sounds very familiar.  From Wing Street to Wing Park, the name is present throughout much of Elgin’s West side.  In fact, the land Wing donated – made officially Elgin’s by city ordinance in 1903 – was donated for the sole purpose of creating a golf course.  This golf course, eponymously named, is now one of the oldest public golf courses in the state of Illinois and is on individually recognized on the National Register of Historic Places.

 It is unknown exactly how long the Seavers lived in their home on South Street, but it certainly began with rather lofty connections.


678-680 South Street is an example of a modest Queen Anne.  Some features suggesting the style, even if less ornate than most of its stylistic counterparts, include: the steeply pitched roof; the irregular shape of both the roof and floor plan; the dominant front facing gable; bay windows; the partial-width porch; and the decorative porch supports. 



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