George H. and Adaline Wright are the owners listed when 62 N. Worth first appears in the 1912 City Directory. These directories list George as a farmer, working in South Elgin and St. Charles area, since that is where his father owned land when his family first moved to the area in the 1860s. In later years, City Directories note George as working at a livestock dealer on Grove Avenue in downtown Elgin. Adaline’s family came from England, but she was born just west of Elgin in 1878. 

For a number of years the Wrights lived at 963 Larkin, a house that abuts the 62 N. Worth Avenue property. In 1912 George Wright is listed in the City Directory as retired and living at 963 Larkin but other records indicated that by 1913 the Wrights had moved to 62 N. Worth. George passed away in March of 1913 at the age of 58, and after his death his wife Adaline continued living in the home alone until her own passing in 1926.  Local newspaper obituaries for Adaline notes that she was survived by 11 grandchildren.


62 N. Worth Avenue was built in the American Foursquare typology and reflects simplistic details throughout. The home exhibits a full-width front porch on a stone foundation. It has a pyramidal roof with wide, enclosed eaves and dormers found at three roof planes. 



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