In April 1924, Pearsall sold lot 5 to Charles F. Moore. A year and a half later, Moore sold the north 32 ½ feet of lot 5 to Fred Churchill, an Elgin attorney. The Elgin City Directory for 1923-24 has no listing for 54 S. Liberty, but by the 1925-26 edition, Charles Moore is listed as the owner. 

Moore was a member of the heating and plumbing firm, Orton, Smith, and Moore. At the time he built the house, he was a partner in Hoereth and Moore, a real estate and insurance business. Later, he operated an automobile sales agency and was a real estate salesman. Moore passed away in November of 1943.

Mattie and Charles Moore lived in 54 S. Liberty together until 1941, just before Charles’ passing. The couple sold the home to Gordon Abbott, who then sold 54 S. Liberty to Frank and Lena Termini in 1946. Six years later, in 1952, the west 14 feet if the Termini’s lot was sold. The rest of the 54 S. Liberty property remained in the possession of the Termini’s for the next 44 years.


54 S. Liberty is a good example of a Prairie style Bungalow. Exhibiting elements from both styles including the low pitched hipped roof with enclosed, wide overhanging eaves and tapered porch supports. Windows are 1-over 1 paned, 3-over-1 paned or, as seen on the façade, showcase a continuous band of small windows with geometric designs near the top. The hipped dormer above the first story, and the overall height of 1 and ½ stories, also squarely pegs this home in the Bungalow style.



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