On May 11, 1891, the first deed for this property was recorded from A. T. Beverly to William Hintze. Later the same year, Hintze sold a number of lots, include lot 6 of block 1, to Mary Hanson, for $1,200. 

On March 5, 1892 Michael Knox bought the property of lot 6 for $500. Records then show a warranty deed from Michael Knox to John Geddes in May of 1929. In June of the same year, Geddes then sells the property for $3,800, a stark increase from his own purchase price. Such a price hike indicates that during those months, a home was built upon the property. Historic records suggest that the home now standing at 524 Mill Street in fact was brought over piece by piece three blocks and rebuilt from 523 Highland Avenue.

The first deed recorded for the Highland Avenue property is from 1882 in which Andrew C. Hawkins sold lot 1 of block 1 to Margaret R. Tyrrell for $615.00. After Tyrrell passed away in 1928, J. Walter Tyrrell sold the property to John Geddes. After Geddes moved the home to 524 Mill Street, he kept the property and operated a Standard Oil service station where the house once stood.

After Geddes re-built the home at 524 Mill, he rented it out to a number of families until W. Harris and Violet Sorenson purchased the home in 1943. By 1948, they had moved, selling 524 to Charles and Elizabeth Ryan. From 1959 to 1967, the widow of Hester Randolph, a teacher by trade, owned and occupied the home.


524 Mill is an example of a Gabel-Ell home, with some Italianate features. Sometimes called a “Folk Victorian,” homes such as this one featured some characteristics of higher, more pronounced styles – such as the Italianate in this case – but were largely less adorned with ornamentation as to retain their affordability. Some of the character defining Italianate features include the elaborated window crowns and tall narrow windows. It is likely that at one time the partial front porch was open rather than enclosed as it stands today. The cross gabled roof with prominent front gable is very common of Gabel- Ell homes.



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