Most buildings of this architectural style, popular around the turn of the 20th century, were sold in do-it-yourself kits, this one being "Modern Home No. 52." As building technology progressed, it allowed for more Americans to afford homes like these, shipped right to the new homeowner with all the necessary pieces similar to Sears Kit Homes. This was the case for the original owners of 471 Barrett, Edward R. and Florence Smith who built the home in 1908. The known date of the completion for this home helped by a carving in the floor of the basement that reads: "My father built this home in 1908 and have lived here all my life -- Dolly Johnson." Edward is listed on the 1910 Census as working in the Watch Factory. Both of whom are buried in Bluff City Cemetery, with Edward passing away in 1928 and Florence passing away 9 years later in 1937.

After the Smiths, the 1911 City Directory lists Daniel and Mabel Green at 471 Barrett, noting Daniel's occupation as a high school teacher.


471 Barrett Street is an American Foursquare. While this style is not actually a style as the name indicates, these houses are often based on the repetition of squares and square masses. In the instance of 471 Barrett, characteristics of a number of stylistic influences can be seen, with its cornice-lined brackets, hipped roof, full-width porch, hipped dormers, four room four plans, and overall ornamental simplicity nodding to styles like Prairie and Craftsman.



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