468 South Street was built for Frank and Lillian Burton in 1904 for a cost of $2,100. In the Elgin City Directories, Frank is listed as a carpenter in the building trades and may have helped build this home. Frank was born in Elgin with his father, Francis, native of Canada and his mother, Mary Pool, native of England. Lillian was born in Wisconsin. Frank and Lillian married in 1893. When Lillian passed away in 1938, Frank remarried to Marie E., a native of Dundee, IL, who moved into the home with him along with his sister, Olive. Frank passed away in 1958.


468 South Street is an example of a one-and-a-half story, vernacular side-gabled roof structure. The home was built during a transitional period of architecture where it is rejecting the ornate details of the Victorian past and accepting a simpler way of living with inspiration found from nature. 468 South Street has several distinctive characteristics including its side gable with a prominent front, pediment dormer, its use of differing textures with tight clapboards found on the first floor and shingles at its second, as well as the recessed, full-length front porch with simple, cylindrical columns with Doric capitals that extend downward to rusticated, stone supports.



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