The first edition of the Elgin City Directory to show an owner at 380 Vincent Place was in 1940. Robert Stettner and his wife, Jeanne, lived in the house for twelve years with their children. Robert worked for the Joseph Speiss Company, a popular department store in the heart of downtown.  He retired as the company’s president after 50 years of service. Robert’s dedication to this city extended to his notions of civic duty as well, with periods of service as the Elgin Chamber of Commerce’s director and the Elgin Businessmen’s Association’s president.

When the Stettner family sold 380 Vincent in 1952 to James Stanek, they moved to a larger home on Wing Park Boulevard. Subsequent owners of 380 Vincent Place included a soft drink company vice president, a furniture store manager, an oil company manager, a candy company salesman and a school psychologist.


380 Vincent Place is an example of the Colonial Revival style. Common features of the Colonial Revival style include the hipped roof, symmetrical façade, accentuated front entrance with the pilasters and broken pediment, first floor windows in adjacent pairs. Often, many homes of this style will exhibit a palladian window in the center of the second story, showcasing a more elaborate style. However, the Great Depression and World War II brought about more simplified versions in the '40s and '50s.



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