359 Moseley Street was built in 1924 for Ebert & Marian Anderson for $5,000. Ebert grew up at 330 Moseley, three houses away from where he would build his home. He had attended Elgin High School and later worked at the Elgin National Watch Factory. The Andersons unfortunately lost their home to foreclosure in 1936. The home was then purchased by Lewis Barber for $4,250 at a public auction. Barber quickly sold the property in 1937 to Antonio and Leona Vecchio for $4,000. Antonio had a business in Elgin where he worked as a carpenter. The Vecchios converted the property to a two-flat eventually selling it in 1944 to Roy and Carrie Harlow. The Harlows owned the property until Carrie passed away in 1974. 

Prior to the 1924 bungalow that Ebert Anderson built, another building was built on this property around the turn of the century for Fred and Anna Ott. Unfortunately, their home was destroyed by the Palm Sunday tornado that occurred on March 28, 1920.


359 Moseley Street is a classic example of an early 20th century bungalow. The house embodies several distinctive characteristics of the Bungalow typology including the prominent, elevated front porch, front dormer, and large overhanging eaves. In addition, the home has many of its original features including the original siding; unique multi-light-over-one double-hung windows and front porch details. 



Sources: 2009 Heritage Plaque Application; Audio: TextAloud