356 Jewett Street was built by Benjamin Wing, a carpenter, and his wife, Agnes for $3,000. The couple lived there in 1924-1926 along with another Wing, Clarence, a jeweler. When it was built, the house had an open front porch on its north half. This was enclosed at some point, with windows added on the front. The Wings sold their home to a retired lecturer, Raleigh Daly, and his wife, Olive. Olive stayed in the house for two years after he husband died in 1931. She then sold it to Earl and Doris Butler in 1933. Earl was a Standard Oil Company attendant.

The next residents of 356 Jewett were Lester and Ruth Kawa. They lived at this address from 1934 until 1958. Lester was a police officer with the Elgin Police Department. He served in the military for two years during World War II. During the war, a Bernice Kawa resided at 356 Jewett as well. She worked in the office at the Elgin National Watch Company. After the war, Lester resumed his career as an Elgin police officer. He became a security officer at the watch company in the mid-1950s.

John F. Jordan and his wife, Elizabeth, bought the house in 1958. They were long-term residents as well. John was a salesman for the Hoover vacuum cleaner company. After John’s death, widow Elizabeth began working at Sears. She remained in the home until 1972.


This clipped (jerkinhead) front facing gabled house is an excellent example of the bungalow type. It is a one and half story home that displays subtle, simplistic elements of the craftsman style including its low pitched roof; craftsman style 5-over-1 double hung, grouped windows; an engaged porch (now enclosed); and stucco cladding. 


Sources: 2009 Heritage Plaque Application; Audio: TextAloud