350-358 E. Chicago Street was designed by local architect Smith Hoag for Mary L. Dickinson in 1892. Mary Lord Dickinson is the daughter of Ralph Lord and Margery Carrier Lord. Mary, among many including Emily Lord (business manager); Ellen E. Lord; A. Town; Miss Towner; Miss Ballard; Miss L. Graves; and Marsha A. Lord taught at the Elgin Seminary. Emily Lord and Ellen E. Lord were the founders of the seminary, which was established in 1851 for the education of young ladies. One of the first principals of the seminary was Reverend Daniel Sherman Dickinson, Mary's husband. 


Smith Hoag designed the row of five, two-story plus basement row-houses in the Italianate style. The building was built by local mason, John Fluck, and is constructed of poly-chromatic brick with three projecting bays, stained glass above the larger windows in the bays and capped with a projecting, bracketed cornice. 


Sources: Gifford Park Association; Audio: TextAloud