326 South Street was built in 1901 for Ira Russel, a retired farmer. When Ira passed away his daughter, Mrs. Laura Egan, inherited the home and donated it to the Grace United Methodist Church in 1935 for use as a parsonage. The home has remained a parsonage since then, but was "sold" to Epworth United Methodist church in 2005 for a consideration of $10.


326 South Street is considered of the Queen Anne style. The home has seen some alterations in its past including removal of its front, wrap-around porch. However, in 2005, the front porch was restored to match as closely as possible to the original photograph. Unique characteristics found at 326 South Street include its steeply pitched roof with flared eaves, its dominant front-facing gable and asymmetrical façade.  


Sources: Near West Neighbors Association; Audio: TextAloud