325 Ryerson Avenue was built for Susan C. Cole in 1891 for $3,000. Susan was born on a farm outside of Elgin to Hiram and Mary Wilson. By 1866, she was married to Cyrus J. Cole, however, they divorced in the early 1880s. She, along with her sister Mary and Mary's husband, Charles Salisbury, moved to Elgin in 1884. At that time Susan bought 321 Ryerson Avenue that was built by Warren Forsythe in 1875. Susan, Mary and Charles lived at 321 Ryerson for a time until Susan built 325 Ryerson Avenue. 

The family lived here until Susan passed away in 1914. Mary and Charles bought the home at an auction in 1916 for $250, though, they quickly sold the home to their daughter, Susie, and son-in-law, Charles Lowry, in 1918. Charles was a reporter for the local newspaper. The Lowrys resided at 325 Ryerson until 1925 when they sold it to William and Elizabeth Lamphere. William was a motorman for the Aurora, Elgin and Chicago Railway. They had four children including Ray, Fletcher, Emma and Ella Dee. The Lampheres owned the home until selling it to Marguerite M. Mackh in 1952. The home was soon sold to Fay C. and Lucille Ray in 1954. 


325 Ryerson Avenue was built in the Queen Anne style. Some of the characteristics of this style can be seen on this home including the front oriel window with mansard roof and brackets; the double-hung window with decorative Queen Anne style multi-light upper sash; orante window moldings; and full height south side bay with cutaway corners.



Sources: 2010 Heritage Plaque Application; Audio: TextAloud