In 1910,  Fred C. Nolting built the house at 325 Perry Street, the first on the Perry block.  Common to the time, he was a home builder in Elgin who would buy a property to build upon the land only to live in the home long enough to building another house and sell the old one in exchange for the new.  In doing so, Nolting sold 325 to Charles Hintz, a local Elgin painter.  By 1920, the house was sold to Otto and Edna Parlasca who called 325 Perry home for 44 years.  Edna and Otto married in 1903, with Otto living in Elgin his entire life before his death in 1964. Otto worked many years as a bank cashier, but his son, Carl Parlasca was long time director of the popular Song of Hiawatha Pageant. After Otto's death, Edna stayed in the home four more years until selling it 1968.


325 Perry Street is an example of the American Foursquare style. Architectural characteristics of this style seen here include its symmetrical, simple box shape standing at two and a half stories tall.  The low hipped roof and overhanging eaves are also indicative of the American Foursquare along with the off-center front entryway, pronounced front porch and double hung sash windows. 



Sources: 2009 Heritage Plaque Application; Audio: TextAloud