Kane County records state that in the summer of 1928 Richard Kadow and his wife Edith purchased the parcel of land in lot 14 in block 3 of Edward J. O’Beirne’s Subdivision for $5,000.  Purchasing records indicate that no building shall be placed within 24 feet of the street.

In December of 1928, City of Elgin has record of a building permit being issues to the Kadow family for a two-story house with a brick veneer.  The 1929-1930 Elgin City Directory lists Richard Kadow at 312 Vincent Place, whereas the preceding year Directory listed the Kadow family at 114 Hamilton.  The 1929-1930 Directory has Richard listed as employed in Chicago, but no specific job title.  The 1939 edition of the Elgin City Directory lists Richard as an agent for Standard Brands, and by the 1946 Directory, Richard is retired.

In May of 1978, the house, belonging to the estate of Ricahrd Kadow, was sold.


312 Vincent Place is an excellent example of the Tudor Revival style. While the Tudor Revival style takes some elements from the traditional Tudor style, it has many marked differences and sometimes includes stylistic inspirations from contemporaneous styles of the day. Distinguishing features of the Tudor Revival style seen on this home include the steeply pitched roof; the grouped, double-hung windows; the rounded, recessed arched entry way, and the masonry exterior.

Another unique characteristic found on this home is the skintled brick which is a type of projecting brick construction found throughout the exterior. This construction type gives the home more of a rustic, vernacular look.



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