In 1893, lot 4, block 4 of the McClure Addition was sold to P. J. Rohles. 17 years later, Rohles sold the lot to Hugh Nevans, an employee of the Aurora, Elgin, and Chicago Railway. The Elgin Daily News published an article listing building permits issued for the week of July 2, and noted that Hugh Nevans received one for a bungalow on Vincent Place for $3,400. It takes until the 1911-12 edition of the Elgin City Directory for Nevans to show up as the owner at 270.

Hugh passed away in 1958, but his obituary from the Elgin Daily Courier News notes a life of great involvement. After working with the Aurora, Elgin, and Chicago Railway, he took a job as a assistant secretary and assistant treasurer of the Western United Gas and Electric Company in Aurora. He was an Elk and a Christian Scientist. His wife, Margaret Logan Nevans, was one of the founding members of the Elgin Country Club.

The Nevans family continued their ownership of 270 Vincent Place until 1972 when the estate of Margaret Nevans sold the home to Hoover-Burnidge Real Estate.


270 Vincent Place is an example of the Craftsman style Bungalow; a nice example of the relatively uncommon side-gabled subtype. Features characteristic of the style include the centered shed dormer, the height of one and one-half stories, and exposed rafter ends.



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