Listed in the April 23, 1885 City Council meeting minutes, Bernard Hagelow requested to construct a two-story brick and stone building with vault space under the sidewalks located at what is now known as 25-27 N. Grove Avenue. Hagelow was a wholesale dealer and bottler for Pabst Brewing Company. However, it is believed that the Moritz Klinger Saloon was first to occupy the building as Morris Klinger is listed as the proprietor in the 1885 city directory. By 1887, Bernard Hagelow and Moritz Klinger were listed as partners at this location. The saloon and beer bottling company continued to occupy 25-27 N. Grove until the Elgin Township went dry in 1914. After the repeal of Prohibition, taverns returned to this location. 


25-27 N. Grove Avenue was designed in the Commercial Italianate style as seen in its heavy, brick crenelations and bracketed cornice. The rounded arched, tall, narrow double-hung windows are also a stylized feature of the Italianate style. There have been minor alterations to the building since it was built in 1885. The pediment inscrpited with "B. Hagelow, 1885" was removed and its corner, double entry doors removed and replaced with a single door with side lights. The building was restored in the early 1990s including painting, installation of signage, exterior lighting, window restoration, replacement of awnings and interior remodeling. 

Sources: 1993 Heritage Plaque Application; Audio: TextAloud