Mabel Fischer purchased the lot for 223 Hill Avenue from Frederick Preiss in September of 1921. Beginning in 1921, Arthur and Mabel Fischer and their two children, Leonore and Geraldine, occupied the house at 223 Hill Avenue. Arthur is listed in the City Directories as a watch factory employee until leaving to work with the Works Progress Administration. By 1942, Arthur is listed as employed by the McGraw Company. After 1944 and on, only Mabel is listed at the residence in City Directories.

Mabel did not stay long in 223 Hill by herself, selling the property in 1946 to Herman Kellenberger. During his time of occupancy, Kellenberger did a lot of work on the property as recorded by building permits. Some of the work included: new electric service in 1956; installation of a washing machine and kitchen sink in 1958; and a new exterior stairway in 1963. Herman Kellenberger sold the property in 1972 after living at the Hill Avenue house for 26 years.


223 Hill Avenue is an example of the Craftsman style bungalow which enjoyed popularity during the early 20th century. The builder of this bungalow chose a dark brown "dimpled" brick. The 350 square-foot full-width porch is inset under the main roof and features two battered support columns extending to the ground, and connected by arches to one another and to the main body of the house.

Other features characteristic of the Craftsman bungalow seen here include the one and half stories, wide overhanging eaves, and tapered porch supports.



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