18 Warwick Place was built in 1888 for and by notable Elgin builder, Henry Jensen. Born in 1852 in Germany, Henry immigrated to the United States, immediately settling in Elgin with his widowed mother, Hannah, in 1871. In 1881, he married Frederike (Krum) and had two daughters, Emma M. and Ingeborg, and two sons, Walter P. and James. 

Jensen was known for his carpentry skills in Elgin and soon constructed many homes throughout the city from the 1880's to the early 1900's. His work exhibited ornate details that gave a sense of completeness and belonging to each one of his home. Among the many homes he built included 600 Margaret Place, 166 N. Porter and 33 N. Porter, to name a few. In 1887, Jensen began building 18 Warwick for his family; in 1888, it was finished and they moved in. Jensen passed away in 1918 and his wife passed away in 1929.


18 Warwick Place is a charming home that considered a High Victorian expression of the Stick/Eastlake style architecture. Basically, it's an "anything goes" style, which is appropriate, since it was designed by and for notable Elgin builder, Henry Jensen. The home boasts features such as protruding balconies, overhanging gables, towers, turrets, and lavish ornamentation. Unfortunately in 1991, there was an equally impressive coach house that was destroyed by fire. 



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