On November 29, 1899 Martha and Lee Judson were presented with a new home at 149 S. State Street as a wedding gift from Martha’s father, Honorable Judge David B. Sherwood. Judge Sherwood, who lived across the street at 150 S. State Street and was an elected official from 1890 to 1894.

Sherwood served not only as a judge, but as an agent of Elgin business as well. He was involved in building and equipping the first electric railway in Elgin, the Elgin City Railway Company. Sherwood served as the director of the Carpentersville, Elgin and Aurora Railway Company from 1895 to 1901, director and organizer of the Elgin Wind Power and Pump Company in 1887 and director of the Home National Bank.

Aside from his notable accomplishments for the city, he also hired the well-known firm of Turnbull and Jones to design and build a home at 149 S. State for his daughter’s wedding present. The wedding was covered by the Elgin Daily News, where Lee Judson, Martha’s husband, worked. The couple lived there until 1907 when they sold it to Ray and Jesse Brown.

For nearly the next 50 years, the Browns lived in 149 S. State until selling it in 1954 to Mary and Alfred Umdenstock.


149 S. State Street was built in the Shingle style as shown by the wood shingles in the exterior siding cut into interlocking and repeated shapes.  This house was designed by the notable Elgin firm of Turnbull and Jones. Unfortunately, this building was demolished in 2002.



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