141 Hill Avenue was built by builders Grate and Waldron for Thomas W. and Mabel Plant in 1885. Thomas was a grocer in Elgin who owned a store at 61 Chicago Street. Thomas and Mabel did not live at 141 Hill Avenue long as they sold the property to Asa T. Beverly in 1888 for $4,000. Asa was the manager of the Elgin Condensed Milk Company at that time. His daughter, Florence B., married Arthur Waite in 1893. Asa sold the home to his daughter and son-in-law in 1893 for $5,500. Arthur Waite was a lawyer in Elgin who owned several homes in the area an used 141 Hill Avenue as a rental property. Arthur and Florence lived on Douglas Avenue until they moved into 141 Hill Avenue in 1903. The Waite's sold the home in 1921 to Glenn and Pearl Dibler. Glenn was a local painter in Elgin. The home continued to stay in the Dibler family for over 80 years, passing down to Richard and Betty Dibler in 1958 and then to Mike and Colleen (Dibler) Peterson in 1986. 


141 Hill Avenue is a simple gable front and wing, two-story home designed in the Italianate style. Although it does not have a bracketed cornice, its large overhanging eaves and brackets found at the porch and oriel roofs imply the Italianate style. The windows are original to the home and are one over one double-hung with simple window hoods. The side porch is supported by square posts with beveled corners with ornate brackets. The home recently underwent restoration in 2014 and received the "Best Use of Color on a Victorian Professionally Painted" honors from the Chicago Paint and Coatings Association.



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