In July 1891, Grote, Botsford, and Sherwood sold lots 4, 5, and 6 of block 2, Ludlow’s Addition to Harvey Seymour. It was here, on lot 4, where Seymour built 1180 Preston Avenue. The 1894 Elgin City Directory indicates Alexander Thompson living at 1180 Preston Avenue until 1905 when it became occupied by Carl and Freida Carlson. 

Over time, the lots in which Seymour did not build upon were sold, in conjunction with the house being sold.  In May of 1925, the lots and the house were officially sold to the Carlsons. Later, the Carlsons sold one of the lots to John Williams. Carl Carlson worked as a mason, suggesting some of the exterior stucco work could have been done by his own hands on his own house.

By 1954, Carl had passed away and Frieda sold the home to their son, Leonard. Leonard and his wife, Dorothy, continued to keep the home in the Carlson name for an additional 38 years.


1180 Preston Avenue shows many features of the Gable-Ell of homes. Popular for many years through the turn of the 19th century for their simplicity is design, and thus price, some of features seen in 1180 Preston include the front gable on a rectangular body with a cross gable and the two story height. 1180 is relatively unadorned with ornamentation, common for non-high-styled homes of this form at the time.



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