111 Crighton Avenue was built by David A. McBride in 1890 for William Gage for $1,000. McBride was a man of varied interests and seemed to possess a talent for doing anything well. He was the son of Henry McBride and had immigrated from Ireland. David was a contractor and builder who built a vast number of houses in the late 1880s and early 1890s. McBridge had a fondness for this area of the west side, building many homes on Hamilton, Highland, West Chicago as well as a cluster of homes on Crighton Avenue including 102, 105, 111 and 114.

The Elgin Daily Courier on December 19, 1890 noted that "David McBride has erected buildings as follows:...William Gage, Crighton Avenue, two story frame dwelling, $1,000." William Gage was a member of a large family of Gages who lived in and farmed in the Hampshire area, at Starks Station and Thurnau Road. In 1892, William warranted the home to his son, Willis and his wife Nellie Coon. Willis was a carpenter and Nellie worked at the Condensed Milk Company. 

Nellie passed away in 1903 leaving Willis the sole owner of the home. Willis remarried in 1911 to Mary Lawrence and had two daughters. Willis passed away in 1935 leaving the home to Mary. She remained in the home until her death in 1942. In 1943, 111 Crighton was sold by Ruth Gage Lamz. Five years later, it was acquired by its 4th owner, Ralph Muchow, a dentist. Muchow achieved some measure of fame by being a table tennis champion in Illinois. 


111 Crighton Avenue is a Gabled Ell and has Queen Anne features of a front facing gable, fish scale shingles in the gable, vertical and horizontal banding. The home also displays simple decoration around its windows and door surrounds as well as delicately rounded back porch supports. The front porch and part of the back porch have been enclosed - the windows suggesting it was done in the 1920's. 



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