Duncan Avenue was named for Thomas Duncan, the first president of the Illinois Watch Case Company. The 1927-28 Elgin City Directory is the first time 1100 Duncan is listed, suggesting a 1926 build date, with Edward Secombe as the house owner. 

Edwin worked for his father, Herbert Secombe, who operated a contracting and building company at 530 Dundee Avenue. Sources and context suggest Edwin built his own home, though no official building permits were located to provide empirical support. He lived in 1100 Duncan with his wife, Etta, from 1926 until his untimely death at 47 in 1944. At the time of his passing, Edwin was very actively in Elgin Veterans groups, as he served in both World War I and World War II. 

Etta continued living in the home and later remarried James Hanson.  In 1980, Florence Hanson, their daughter and executive directory of the will deed the house to new owners.


1100 Duncan Avenue is listed in the Historic Resources in the Northeast Neighborhood: A Summary and Inventory as a significant structure of the Tudor Revival style. Remaining relatively unaltered since its original construction, common characteristics of the Tudor Revival seen on 1100 Duncan include: front facing gable with an intersection gable and clipped gable ends. Additionally, the arched front doorway; arched, double-hung, multi-paned windows; masonry exterior; and prominent chimney are also indicative of the style.


Sources: 2002 Elgin Downtown Commercial District National Register Nomination; Audio: TextAloud