106 N. Porter Street was built by Edward Brahan in 1884 for Norman B. and Josephine Dresser. Norman was a reporter for the Elgin Courier Newspaper. The Dressers did not reside at the home long as they sold the home to Walter Hemmens in 1889 who subsequently sold it to Margaret Brahan the same year.

Margaret (Mary) was the mother to Edward, the builder of the home. Margaret was born in 1829 in Ireland and emigrated to the United States in 1849. She resided in the home until her death in 1913, however, the ownership went to her daughter, Bridget Brahan. By 1920, the ownership was transferred to Bridget's brothers, Edward and James, and continued with the family until it was sold in 1957.


106 N. Porter Street is an example of a Gable Front homestead with simplistic detailing. Uniquely it has 6 over 2 lite double-hung windows at its east elevation, corner boards with a teardrop dowel detail as well as detailed rake boards. The foundation is of rusticated limestone. The southwest and the northeast porches are original to the home, though they have been enclosed sometime after the 1950s as well as an addition of another enclosed porch at the southeast corner of the home. 

The carriage house was built in 1885 and is also considered a contributing secondary structure to the overall historic significance of the Elgin Historic District.



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